Does he seem to be interested?

There's this guy in my Geometry class. Whenever I tried talking to him he would just act really shy and like walk away looking back all flushed or something. Then we got assigned to sit next to eachother and he kept acting nervous (messing with his hair and like fidgeting in his seat) and like staring every time i started talking. He also started sgetting jnto the cinvo when i wss atlking about where i mived from. There's like this freshman girl that keeps flirting with him and acting desperate but I don't know if he likes her or not. It seems like he talks with her to like ask about classwork and if she does act like annoying (like poking him or something) it feels like he just plays along bc he laughs at her.

  • He seems interested
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  • He likes the freshman girl
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  • He isn't interested in either of you
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  • I think he's interested, but if you like him why not ask him out?

    • But I don't know though, what if he isn't interested.

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    • But I don't know, sophmore guys tend to be immature (I'm a sophomore also)

    • High school kids in general are immature. You can't run from that. Still doesn't mean he isn't mature nor does it mean he'd say no.

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