How can I tell if this quiet guy is interested?

I have been spending some time with my friend and her good guy friend. She told me he is extremely shy, I find him super cute and noticed we also have similar interest and sense of humor. I`m starting to really like him and i`m trying to decode if he lhas an interest for me too or is just friendly. My friend tells me he`s a lot more quiet around me. He always laughs at my jokes and when I tease him he`ll tease me too. One time my friend suggested going somwhere all three of us and we suggested the weekend. She said she was working he looked at me and said well we are not working we could go. I said yes but then my friend got in the way and asked us to wait for her. We`ve only hung out as a group maybe 5 times. One of those times we went camping and shared a tent and he did not trry anything. It was also the first time we all spent together. Since then he has not asked me to hang out one on one. Does this mean he`s not inetrested or could he just be shy? How can I make a move to see if he`s interested without looking desperate?


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  • He is shy. You could ask him and I think he will die if you ask him or faint at least. I would if a girl asked me out or made a move. I am shy as well. At least love shy. I can't look any girl and become almost mute around girls.
    He will never admit in front of even his friends he likes you. And he might be an obedient son as well. You will have to talk to him and ask him. And no it will not look desperate if you talked to him by starting a little conversation.


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  • Asking a guy out is not an act of desperation. Try it.

  • As a quiet guy, that definetly doesn't mean he is not interested. He is probably just shyed out.


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