Girls, is 5'8 tall to short for you? I know it depends on each case but just wondering?

I like a girl that has the around the same height as me, and I know height its very important for you.

She is not taller than me, but either we are the same or she is slightly (minimal) shorter than me (without heels of course). I know that heels height is important too but I do not know if my height will be a heartbreaker for her

Is it that important? Even if you like each other, have a good time etc? Do you just feel weird being with a guy with your same height? How important is it?

Thank you :)



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  • Honestly, I like guys who are taller than me but each girl is different. Some girls like guys shorter than them. It completely depends on the girl so if you like a girl then don't be nervous about it because you're the same height. if you're confident about yourself she will notice that and it won't be a big deal about height.


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  • Its short for a guy, but its tall enough for me since I'm barely 5'3. I dont think the heel thing will be a dealbreaker

  • Is not a bad height, it is ok.