Am I being needy?

Okay so I've been talking to this guy for about 4months and i feel like im always the one initiating to hang out, i mean he has too but i think i intend to do it more but this past Saturday (yesterday) i asked him to go out and he couldn't (legit excuse) and he said we should go. out during the week. I said what day he said he'd let me know because he's got a very busy schedule soo then i asked him if he would care to go. to. the fair with me next weekend just out of. curiosity and he never responded. Im kind of confused on what we are. Its not like im texting him everyday hounding him. or anything and im not always asking him hang out. Well now i wanted to text him once more either Monday or Tuesday and mention that im gonna be too. bjsy this week but if he was gonna be free sunday? And i have this awsome day planned out and i was finAlly gonna bring up what we are etc.. but am i sending it. too soon? Do. i. sound needy? Help


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  • maybe a little needy or desperate, just relax and let him chase u , I've done the same thing it doesn't go well. just relax and try to distract urself , u can be busy to


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  • I wouldn't sound needy, but don't get offended please. It does seem a tab but desperate. Not in the sense like you said hounding him down everyday. But sounds a little hounding when you do have the opportunity to speak and make plans. If he says he'll let you know, and I'm sure he likes you if it's been four months already. But don't let him know ahead of time that you'll be busy. It's a bit much. If he calls to make plans and you happen to be busy it's ok, you don't have to be available all the time at his waking call. you're human.