Please help me with this topic. Asshole guy and I'm not sure what to do anymore?

My friend knows that I don't like her boyfriend so I feel like if I told her this, she wouldn't believe me please help. Her boyfriend flirts with other girls constantly when the boys and girls soccer teams have practice. My boyfriend tells me about it all the time. Her boyfriend will flirt with all the girls and my friend actually hates this one girl because she sent her boyfriend a picture of her butt. But what if her boyfriend asked for the picture? Like what if it wasn't the girls fault? What do you guys think I don't know.. This guy is an ass.


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  • Well it is her fault if she knew he had a girlfriend but its also his fault if he asked. Flirting is a fine edge. It's if you act on a flirtation is when it crosses the line. Personally I think it's in bad taste of him and if his girlfriend doesn't like it then he needs to stop out of respect for her feelings. Yeah I'd let her know he's a flirt


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  • Maybe your boyfriend should be the one to tell her