What does it mean if a girl doesn't text you back after a date?

Ok, so I've known this girl for about four months now and for the past two weeks we have started texting each other a lot. I asked her out on a date and she said yes, and we just went on our first date about two days ago. It seemed like we both had a good time, but when I texted her the night after, I didn't get a reply. I texted her again the next day and still no reply. This is weird because before we use to text back and forth everyday, and now its been two days and I still haven't heard from her. So, my question is should I be worried about this? Does this mean she doesn't want to date me anymore?

Also I really like her and I thought she really liked me too. She even agreed to go with me to the next dance at my high school which is coming up in about two weeks. Another question I have is, should I just call her? Would that be a better thing to do?
Thanks for the advice everyone I didn't expect to get feedback so soon. And to alessia93 we have a class together and he hang out everyday at school, but this happened over winter break, so I haven't seen her since our date.
Well, I called her and she didn't answer. Its been four days now and I'm way past worried...
Alright, well just thought I should update this. Obviously we broke up, can't say I didn't see it coming though... I'm a little disappointed, but I'll live.
Also I just want to say thanks to Leeon, your advice really helps a lot. She did show me her true colors by what she did and now I want nothing to do with her. And I know I can do so much better and find a girl that can at least show some respect for me.


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  • I can relate to your situation. If she likes you she will contact you. But in this case, she's neither interested in you nor respects you. Actions speak louder than words. By not responding to your text or calls, she's being rude and disrespectful. If she's a kind caring person at least she would respond and tell you that she only likes you as a friend. Okay, maybe she's shy and doesn't know how to say no to you that's why she's ignoring you but that should not be a excuse. By not responding to your calls she shows you her true color. By the way, do you really want a girlfriend like that? I don't think so. Go and find a better girl. I know it hurts but she's not worth it at all.


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  • okay, I wouldn't be too concerned. she could be busy or something. If she went on the date with you then she was most likely interested. I would definitely suggest calling her, if she doesn't pick up then you should stop texting/ calling and wait for her to get back to you.

  • was that the first time you've guys hung out in person?

  • i wouldn't be too wrorried, you say she's already agreed to go on another date to your dance thing, she must like you. I wouldn't wrorry she might be busy, or even playing hard to get.


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  • You should call her. As has been mentioned, there are a lot of reasons someone wouldn't respond to texts. You'll get a better idea of how she feels by how she responds to a phone call. Also, keep in mind that the general rule of thumb for phone calls is three strikes and they're out. If you call three times, and she doesn't answer or call back, then you can safely assume she's not interested. You could apply the same advice to texts if you wanted. Though if you call her and she doesn't answer or call back, after all your unanswered texts, you'll at least know you did everything you reasonably could to try to reach her.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D