Any Indian or Pakistani guys pickup white girls, tell me how you did it?

Any Indian and Pakistani guys here that picked up white girls tell me the story on how you did it I am in progress of doing the same


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  • They probably used their arms. Just saying.

    • All about the physique eh

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    • How does teaching you monopoly help that? Sort yourself out. Learn to spell.

    • Sorry I did not get that lol what do you mean

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  • The same fuckin way you pick up non white girls?

    Why is the fact they are Indian/Paki change it what so ever?

    • Because I noticed it is harder to pickup girls with a different culture

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    • Eh, Whatever you think dude, Just be sure to avoid the friendzone xD

    • She is a homeschooled gitl so the thing is the friend zone doesn't work with her she is the type that will fall for you if you are their for her like I am the main guy that talks to her

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  • they probably have super powers..

    • Hahhahaha yea ikr

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    • Perfect thanks for your help, by the way you are very pretty

    • thank you.. :)

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  • they get roles on TV shows and have the writers give them white girlfriends haha