My boyfriend's family needs help?

Me and my boyfriend are moving into our new house. He seems happy but that's because he's ignoring a big problem in his life.. his family. His brother Mike was just arrested for his 3rd DUI and his mother was arrested for a DWI and shoplifting. I know they need help and I have been telling him that we should put them both in rehab but he always tells me that he has cut them off. Why do I want to help his family more than him? I want to ask my father for the money to put them in rehab without my boyfriend knowing. Is this a good idea?


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  • I have to side with him on this. People only change when they want to not when someone wants them to. If they want to get sober that's something they'll do on their own. After two DWI's if he wanted to change he would've but no he gets a third. It's clear he doesn't want to change. What you're doing is enabling. If going to jail or prison doesn't make them want to change then no rehab on the planet will either.


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  • yes its a good idea.