Is there a chance he likes me back?

I've been working with this guy for over 7 months and recently we've started talking a lot more. I like him and when we were talking at one point I did tell him. He said he figured I did and was glad I told him. Then I said I know you don't see it that way, I just don't want this to make things weird at work. He said I can't say I don't see it that way and it's definitely not going to be weird. He told me he was flattered I liked him and said I was definitely cute. We've been texting a lot and we were working with 2 other people and before we went to work he said well at least I like one of the 3 people I'm working with :) . Then I said oh I wonder who that could be. He was like well she's a girl, and she's cute and I think she might like me. Anyways he was obviously talking about me. Then at work things weren't super awkward it was a little different just because he knows I like him but then we were kinda flirting on the way home. He was singing and I was like nope you don't know how to do the dance so you can't sing the song. Then he playfully punched my shoulder a few times. He also has given me a ride home the last 2 times we've worked together. Is there a chance he could like me back?

Also I wanted to work with him one day but the boss changed up the schedule so I'm working at a different event than him and he was like I'm sorry, there was no winning that battle because the day is so screwed up then he was like I'll have to make it up to you. Then later I was at work and a lot of stuff happened with a couple of workers and I was thrown in the middle of it so he was like I'm sorry, you don't deserve that. Now I really have to do something to make this all up to you. I was like you don't have to, it's not your fault it was a shitty day. And he was like I know but it's the nice thing to do. Now if I want to make it up to you will you let me? I was like yea I will. So then he asked what i'd want to do and I said maybe get frozen yogurt and he was like okay I'd say today but we're working :(


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  • He likes you. The next step is to take it outside of work and get ice cream or something. Having fun at work is great, just keep the drama low and don't let it interfere with your jobs. Sounds like you are off to a great start, good luck!


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  • probably does!


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  • he likes you!