I love three guys?

I've got 3 problems. A guy in florida that loves me, but he doesn't want to have any sexual relations. And he visits me every year. A guy thats in my class, he just wants to have sex, but keeps any emotions on to the way down low, and a guy in New Zealand that wants to have sexual relations with me + he loves me. I dont know whats happening, but i love all three of them so much.

  • Guy in Florida
    30% (3)29% (4)29% (7)Vote
  • Guy in my Class
    30% (3)36% (5)33% (8)Vote
  • Guy in New Zealand
    40% (4)35% (5)38% (9)Vote
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  • That's easy. Flip a coin or roll a die and simply pick your poison already


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  • Long distance relationships are usually some bullcrap. In a way, so it being friends with benefits...

    But in my opinion, having a fuck buddy is more beneficial in a way that you actually get to use the 5 senses on the person. 😂👍

    Long distance relationships are full of empty promises... Sometimes they're genuine, although someone would usually ditch the relationship midway. it's a bit hard to keep things going - especially if you guys move waaay too fast (sexting/nudes etc.) or way too slow (nothing to talk about).


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  • WAIT NO!! I MEANT THE GUY IN FLORIDA!! He seems sweet!

  • You can't love three people at the same time. I don't consider it possible. You probably feel infatuated with them or you happen to have a little crush on all 3. If I were you I wouldn't date any of them.