I love her but I am not sure if she even likes me?

I love this girl a lot and I care about her a lot, but I am not even sure if she likes me. We have gone out multiple times but she never really shows too much interest in seeing me or hanging out or going out on a date. When I finally get her out she loves it and seems interested in a relationship, but it's she is never real interested in chatting with me or hanging out. What's up? Does she like me? I love her and I don't know what to do... please help me.


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  • the word love gets tossed around like no other.. do you truly LOVE her or do you simply really like her? If you're the one always trying to initiate a conversation with her, take a break, like a day or so and wait for her to come to you! and it never hurts to discuss your feelings with her.


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