There's a guy I've been dating and I know that he's interested. However, he has stopped calling?

stopped calling or texting withing the past two days. He has said things like "I'm your man" and " I have feelings for you" as well as terms of endearment. I am obsessed about his reaction and I can't think of anything else! I just texted him and also left a message relaying my concern for his personal well being. Did I do the right thing? Am I coming across as paranoid or as a stalker? I have feelings for him as well. It just DOES NOT seem like him since he has been calling me and I've been seeing him quite often.


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  • Maybe he just wanted to go out and do something, sometimes guys do that without telling the person they like. I wouldn't text or call him any more; if you do you may come off as clingy. Let him chase you. If you just leave him one text it should be good.

  • He may feel more vulnerable now that he has expressed it, so he is backing away.


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