Am I the one whos boyfriend is not texting like people who are in relationship should be?

I know my boyfriend loves me i can see when we spend time together, but when we are apart i feel like i dont exist. if i dont initiate convo we might not talk for a long time and it makes me angry cuz i know he spends a lot time on his phone
Is it normal for guys?


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  • To be fair I hate texting with a passion and maybe he is the same way. If it is someone who is important to me, texting as a way of communicating with them is just so eh. If we are getting together or I have an important question I will shoot anyone a text, but I dont text people just to talk, because that is so inconvenient. First off I have to drop what I am doing to send a text message, then I have to maintain this conversation for at lest 15 or 20 minutes, while trying to accomplish some other task with the constant interruption. The other issue is texting isn't real communication to me, because you aren't talking in person. He could be the same way, I play with my phone a lot, checking sports scores, and watching videos and stuff, but I am never texting on it, and I know a lot of guys that are the same way.


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  • I don't think it's something that is normal for guys but is rather a personal type of thing. I'm kind of like that myself. I have a great time with my friends and boyfriend but when we are apart I like to have time to myself and sometimes even forget to stay in touch unless they make an effort (even though I love them all.) I just think it's because for me human interaction (even through a phone) isn't necessary for me to get by a day, it's not because I want to ignore my friends or make them feel bad or because we're not close or anything, it's just how I personally am. I also spend a lot of time on my phone like your boyfriend by the way but mostly browsing the internet or watching netflix or youtube. The only reason you would have to get worried is if he stays in touch with other people but not you.


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  • I'm just going to agree with what anonymous said - for many men texting is the most stupid thing ever. If he loves you as you say he does, he wants to keep the conversation personal and meaningful - texting is more like a chore than anything enjoyable. And it's wasteful - why waste money to communicate in a rather inconvenient manner when you could talk in person?

  • Texting is superficial. At times, it feels fake and insincere. I prefer to meet up and glomp a girl from behind. You can't put a hug into text very easily.

    Well, maybe like this. (>^.^)>


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  • Probably depends on the guy, but with most guys I've dated and my current boyfriend, he texts me everyday

  • I don't know, but this is happening to me in my new relationship and when we're together he's loving all over me. So I asked him and he said I'm always on his mind, but just busy never having enough time to hold a text conversation. So he only thinks of texting when it's to invite me to be together.

    The opinions of other through this question has made me feel MUCH better about my guys answer.