How to break the touch barrier if both of us are shy?

I've been going out with a girl for a longer time and now we decided to make our relationship official. We've never kissed or anything and haven't really broken the touch barrier. How should I do it? Neither of us has any earlier experience in dating and while we really enjoy each others' company, I feel like there is a tension of getting physical, but as we're both new with things like this, it's hard to take an approach. There is kinda this 'awkward' feeling between us. We really like each other. How should go about it?


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  • Play fight☺. You'd be touching her in a cute way.


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  • Grab those two suckees down there called your nuts.
    Yank em a few times. Then let the natural moves compliment her.

    Cause you sir, are a natural doood~ .


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