How often should I text a girl I met from online?

I met this girl through okcupid and got her number yestrday. I texted her for like 3 hours until I went to sleep. Should I text her again tonight or wait for a couple of days? Girls, what do you feel about a guy texting you daily? Does it make me look clingy?


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  • I would not wait. Text her today. You might come across slightly clingy, but if the girl gave you her number, she might like you. When girls like guys, they enjoy having a guy starting a text message and will hold off until they text. Now, if she does not reply till the next day or hours later, you might want to give her a little space.


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  • Never because meeting online is retarded.


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  • I like when a guy texts me daily. It lets me know that he likes talking to me and that he makes time.
    But that's only if I like the guy; if I don't like him, it's annoying.


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