I recently found out I have borderline personality disorder. It makes it hard to have lasting relationships. Could you be with someone with a BPD?

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  • Help me to understand a little here... What does that entail?

    • psychcentral.com/.../

      This shirt article gives the symptoms etc.

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    • Yeah, that's what scares me most about it Is I'm not sure it is even possible to have a normal relationship. And I really want that. Do you think I should just let go of the idea of marriage, having a family etc? Is it cruel to the person I'm with to subject them to what I know is a very difficult situation to deal with? Would I be doing the right thing by breaking off relationships so I don't hurt people?

    • No as you can see from your poll results, there are people who won't mind, so don't give up!

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  • Shhhh women will try to avoid you so I'd recommend not mentioning this


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