Girl I've been talking to for like 2 weeks, then says she's not interested but?

I met her at work, she doesn't work there anymore tho, had a good vibe, convo everything, she kool,... i asked her let me take you out sometime,.. she said kool, gave me her number etc,.. we talk on the phone, text every once in a while,... set up a date plan, she wanted to meet up somewhere instead of me pickin her up, she uses her moms car... told her lets hang out 2day , she had to check to see if her moms car was free, then she'll get back to me, she never got back to me... i didn't bring it up,... she seem flaky a little bit, but she have a lot of past heartbreaks which i feel she got a wall put up,.. the next week i asked her "when was u tryna hang out, i feel you got a wall put up, but at least break it down a little bit" she said "i dont think im as interested as you are, so its hard for me to break any of that wall down" i said i respect her being staright up for real, a lot of y'all females can't do that nowadays... basically i kinda want this girl, should i just leave it alone, or still talk to her casually, is she presenting a challenge or what?


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  • Ball & chain = Mom who changes her "free time" to zero if she doesn't do her chores, takes phone away so can't notify you

    Also maybe the old boyfriend started calling again, & she's interested in that.


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  • I would leave it for now. If you keep bugging her she will start to get annoyed and have negative feelings towards you. Maybe in a month or so try again.


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  • its hard to help you when your English is not correct, tbh i don't really know what you're trying to say. sorry dude


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