How to take a risk?

I am not experienced when it comes to taking risks with girls. With the inexperience comes insecurities on whether or not I am doing the right thing. One more thing is whether or not if I am going to do it right. I don't know if I should go in for the kiss on first date or things like that.


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  • got to make sure you'r hygeinic, presentable,nice hair and ready to impress a lady. Well it's funny. I think I'm always the one who kisses the guy first so depending on the girl you're with, she may or may not do it. It will likely happen when you two are alone somewhere.

    Just have fun on the first date. not too many questions and that should do it. first date shouldn't be an interrogation. a few guys before the first date , I felt like they asked too many questions and it turned me off.

    hope this helps.


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  • This isn't something you can just wake up and be comfertable with. So don't worry about being nervous, risks are risks. No advice can make it easier. But take it from a girl, WE ARE JUST AS NERVOUS! (Unless she's a slut... lol) Just be yourself, make a good impression and if there is something their, look for the signs and hint at it yourself, maybe play with her fingers, stroke her face. If she reacts well, she's ready for a kiss. :) Hope this helped!

  • the first date is the first inpression. so yea a peck on the mouth would be fine for a first date. you have to show her that ur not just interristed in the physikal stuff only. so be considerant and nice and most importantly just be yourself and itll all work out.


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