She said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend... and has a boyfriend?

She said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend... and has a boyfriend?

So she was flirting with me lots, ie smiling, staring, laughing, touching me, iniating convo, soo many things, so i told her i like her and she has a boyfriend, she then said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend? can she really be not sure or is she letting me down? maybe she does like me but likes her boyfriend more, i didn't make a move and he did, all theese are possiblities, anyway what should i do now? ignore her? move on and be friends? i mean if she wants me she has to make the move now right? Last night at work she came over and said i want to sit next to you, and then started talking laughing , smiling, she even touched the back of my hair, and said i miss you already just as i was about to go home


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  • Move on. Stop focusing on her and yes she has to be the one to make a move on you cause she rejected you. Don't give her so much attention if she doesn't want you.


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  • She won't make a move. She has a boyfriend. Next time you are that close to her, I would just try and kiss her. Or cool off until she doesn't have a boyfriend and go for it.

    Trust. I have been there. My only regret is that I didn't try and kiss her sooner

    • yh i feel she defo likes me but i didn't make a move! and someone else has, the good thing is she's not going anyway cause i work with her. But i feel like she has to make the next move, she knows how i feel and she's the one with a boyfriend. how am i supposed to know when she's single?

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    • but hows it a risk if she knows how i feel already?

    • She already has a boyfriend. Are you that much better than the guy she already has? Sorry if this is coming across as rude. It is kind of a tough love situation. It took me months to understand that.

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  • If she has a boyfriend and is doing this with you what would stop her from doing it with someone else if she was dating you? If you anyway like her and think about her I don't know what to tell you but if you're iffy about it all I'd move on

    • that is very true mate, but also im not her boyfriend, just because she does it with him dont mean she would with me, maybe she ain't that happy with him? anyway im keeping your advice on board.