Girls, Well does it?

Does effort and persistance from a guy mean anything to a girl? in terms of making an effor to talk to you or take you out.


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  • Most definitely for me! I always appreciate a guy who invests time into me. However, I'm a girl with strong values. I strongly believe in mutual respect in relationships (not necessarily dating relationships). And I believe it's important to be grateful for what I have = me appreciating effort you put in. Some girls don't have strong values of any. Find a girl who's got her head on straight. Don't mess with these bimbos. On a side note, make sure she's into you at least a little before you go trying too hard. Be straightforward with her so you know you're not wasting your time.


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  • not if I don't like him, if I don't like him it's even bothersome
    if I like him then yes

  • it means a lot!

  • I want to say YES

    But it would vary greatly on why I rejected them to begin with..

    If it was a friends one - we've know each other all our lives thing then NO
    In fact it'd just make me uncomfortable

    If it was more of a we met and got off on the wrong foot type of thing and/or didn't know each other well then yes
    I'd probably think you were annoying at first but usually that fades after a few good jokes

    I'm a sucker for humor ^_^