He doesn't make an effort to hang out.

So I'm super confused. The guy that I'm supposedly seeing (lives an hour away) hasn't wanted to hang with me in weeks, when I talked to him about it, he tells me he absolutely cares about me; but doesn't make an effort to hang out. After many attempts, I finally figured that it's just over, and time for me to move on. The other night around 2am he calls me and tells me his friends are over and wishes I was there. That he wants me to go over. I thought it was a booty call, and told him that (which I probably shouldn't have) and of course he got offended. He told me that I confuse him, and didn't sound like me. I told him, I felt that way because he never wants to hang with me anymore and the 1 time he wants to it's Friday nigh tat 2am... But I told him he confuses me too. We ended the conversation fine, and I told him I wish I was there, but I just feel weird about what happened. Any suggestions or help would be great!?


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  • You have a correct read on the situation. If he wanted you for reals, he'd put in more of an effort. Build a bridge and get over it, he's not that into you. Better luck with another guy, one who values you and wants to be with you for a reason other than to use your for sex.


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  • Diddo


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  • if a guy truly likes you he would put in more effort in being with you, nothing would stop him

    he calls you at 2am = BOOTY CALL