What would you do as a Second option?

I recently started school and I haven't talked to a girl that I had a serious thing with from last semester because we spent our summers in different areas. We recently saw eachother again and it was all fine she invited me to hang out with her and everything but when i admitted that i had feelings for her she laughed and smiled. She said it was so unexpected so i told her what i liked about her and she told me that she is talking to someone else right now but it is not serious with them and she wouldn't feel right talking to him and me at the same time. I decided to move on because i didn't want to feel like a second option. What does everyone think of the situation?


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  • Nope I'm never a second option and if I ever am in that position, the "relationship" ends.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I feel kinda vad for you but at least you had the decency to be a man and walk away.