Is it okay to ask a stranger out if yes then how?

I travel a lot due to work (I'm at work right now.) I'm hardly home like 5 days a month (not joking). Sometimes I'll go to a store or coffee shop the barista/cashiers start talking to me usually regarding a sports team hat (girls who can talk sports is kind of cute). I always leave thinking I should of at least shown some sort of interest ask them for coffe at the very least their phone number. Then I'm afraid it's weird/ out of line/ creepy. Any thought?


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  • not a good idea.


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  • Sure It takes courage but just introduce your self apologize for being bold and just ask her. You have nothing to lose. I have asked ladies to join me for coffee with varying success. Its a good neutral safe activity. You can chat and get to know each other and it is not creepy. But quite often they say no... take no offense. They do not know you and you do not know why they refused. It could be all kinds of reasons.


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  • That works in the movies. Lol.

    In real life u get the contact info, have 1-2 conversations to build trust and flirtatious rapport... Then u ask her out! ;-)