Girls, how true would you say this is?

So I was watching the movie She's Out of My League the other day and there's one quote that struck out to me. I wanted to see what you had to think of it this: "you know what kirk? maybe you're right. Maybe you are a 5. You know why? No self esteem deduct a point. Everytime someone walks into a room you compare yourself. deduct a point. You're a smart and talented guy who's afraid to do anything with it. Deduct a point."

In case you don't know this scene, this girl is categorized as a solid 10 in terms of attractiveness and the guy she is with is insecure and thinks he is a 5 at most and thinks she's too good for him.

I know for me, I often think that way. Even now I'm really into this one girl who I think is very cool but also very very cute and attractive and I'm like there's no way she'd be into me. Look at the options she has with other hotter dudes (which does not equate to being a douchebag) than me.


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  • It's not all about physical appearance, she might click with you and have a deeper connection which has a lot more potential as opposed to the superficial attraction. Don't put yourself down so much, have some self confidence and go get that girl. You might not think you're a ten but she might... you'll never know unless you try


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  • Just go for it.

    I have a friend who had a crush on this one guy in our class. We found out after a while that the guy, who has now become our friend, actually liked my friend too but thought that she was "out of his league", and that's why he didn't do anything about it. By then it was already too late, since my friend already had a boyfriend.

    Don't be that guy. Even if it doesn't work out, at least you'd know you tried and wouldn't be hung up thinking "what if...".

  • pretty true.