Girls, What would you think of a guy who always give like to yourpictures in facebook?

I have a friend that is always giving likes to this girl pictures and ONLY to the ones she is at. She rarely give like to any of his pictures... maybe a few. Please consider that this friend of mine asked her out and she rejected him. What would you think of this guy? As women would you do something like this and under what scenario? Thank you!


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  • Liking pictures can mean many different things. I have a boyfriend and some guys on my fb like my stuff I post. I rarely post any pictures of myself. But sometimes they like the pictures I post of myself or just stuff I find that I repost on facebook.

    I mean, it makes me think that maybe they like me. But I don't read too much into it. A like is just a like, it means nothing unless someone takes further actions to make it mean anything. I don't pursue them since I have a boyfriend.

  • I would think that guy seriously has a thing for that girl. I don't know what I'd do. I don't post anything on fb so yeah never dealt with the whole liking ordeal