Do guys get nervous when trying to date again after a failed relationship?

I met a pretty cool guy last winter, we had a lot in common. He is very attractive physically, but I really liked the fact that he was smart. He was putting himself through school and raising his two kids. He made it clear the this was his main focus which made him even more attractive lol. He talked to me now and again, but i figured it wasn't getting off the ground for whatever reason. I backed off and didn't really hear anything from him. He started texting me asking me random questions about work. I'd answer and that would be that. We actually met for coffee and he made a comment about his mom teasing him about thinking with his other head when he met the mothers of his kids. He joked telling her the next one will be smart and he'll just teach her to be good in bed. He is texting me now, but has never even hugged me goodbye. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining i guess I'm just wondering where i stand? Thoughts are appreciated


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  • He is feeling you out as well as his own situation. I would not wait for him if you have other opportunities, but you can still see where thijgs go with him - if they ever do b


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  • Going through a divorce now. Been separated for more than a year. Starting dating again and boy am I rusty. The game changed a lot while I was married. So yeah I get stressed. Specially when a girl doesn't text back, or cancels on me, or seems aloof. Makes me anxious and I hate it. But its part of it all. Being rejected and moving on. All you can do on any giving Sunday is to give it your best shot ;)

  • Well to answer your question, yes we get very nervous. Loss of attachment definitely causes a bit of hesitation.
    As far as your situation goes you should ask him. It's up to the both of you to determine where you stand.


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