He says he doesn't believe me :( please help I love him so much!

So I meet this guy 9 month ago, we were never together but we hooked up a lot and texted everyday all day. More than one of his friends told me he liked me but when we talked about it he said he only wanted to be friends so we kept it that way. His best friend said he hadn't been seeing any other... Show More

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  • k first things first you 2 texted all the time nd hook up quite a bit, if hadn't been seeing ne1 else then he obvs like u.

    first things first he most likely said he only wanted to be friends because relationships tend to f*** things up.

    second if he kept himself single the entire time you two knew each other he was keeping it that way so he dint get you upset..

    third I thought us guys were clueless, take the time to pay attention to how they say things and how they act not to the litteral words they use.. what a guy really thinks is in the little things he does

    guys tend to keep things to themselves so you really gotta pay attention

    and yes he obviously cares he just doesn't believe you do...

    so the most I can do to help you is just hang around with him nd help him to build a trust toward u, otherwise yur just gonna be swimmin upstream all the words in the world won't change a thing you have to act like no other guy matters and get close to him

    first hang out in crowds wth him nd when you two get more fond of each other try nd get him alone but in a public place

    after that it's all on you

    • Because relationships tend to f*** things up. "

      WhY does everyone keep saying that lol

      They never explain it, like I guess you just know when it happens & then it just becomes a truism that no one will elaborate on- Could YOU please elaborate on that please?