He says he doesn't believe me :( please help I love him so much!

So I meet this guy 9 month ago, we were never together but we hooked up a lot and texted everyday all day. More than one of his friends told me he liked me but when we talked about it he said he only wanted to be friends so we kept it that way.

His best friend said he hadn't been seeing any other girl since we meet. And I know his friends have told him he should start dating me for real.

I started seeing this other guy and he got really angry and deleted me from Facebook and stuff, his friends told me he was upset about the new guy. But we made up and became friends again. then I meet a few new guys and he got upset again. I really like this guy so I took a break from dating and focused on other stuff instead.

One night we got in a fight and I lied and said I never liked him and that he didn't mean anything to me. He got really angry, or maybe sad? that I said that and stopped talking to me. I told him I didn't mean what I said but he said that for him "it was over" I didn't get it because we never really dated.

Now when we talk he says I screwed it all up and that he can't believe me when I tell him that I still care and that he feels like he doesn't mean anything to me. when I told him I miss him he said.."are you sure its me your missing and not Jake?"..Jake being the first guy I dated after he said he didn't wanna be more than friends..

I don't get it..doe's he like me? why is he so upset? did he ever like me more than friends? I love him would do anything for him.


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  • k first things first you 2 texted all the time nd hook up quite a bit, if hadn't been seeing ne1 else then he obvs like u.

    first things first he most likely said he only wanted to be friends because relationships tend to f*** things up.

    second if he kept himself single the entire time you two knew each other he was keeping it that way so he dint get you upset..

    third I thought us guys were clueless, take the time to pay attention to how they say things and how they act not to the litteral words they use.. what a guy really thinks is in the little things he does

    guys tend to keep things to themselves so you really gotta pay attention

    and yes he obviously cares he just doesn't believe you do...

    so the most I can do to help you is just hang around with him nd help him to build a trust toward u, otherwise yur just gonna be swimmin upstream all the words in the world won't change a thing you have to act like no other guy matters and get close to him

    first hang out in crowds wth him nd when you two get more fond of each other try nd get him alone but in a public place

    after that it's all on you

    • Because relationships tend to f*** things up. "

      WhY does everyone keep saying that lol

      They never explain it, like I guess you just know when it happens & then it just becomes a truism that no one will elaborate on- Could YOU please elaborate on that please?

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  • Any relationship where you have to use friends of your boyfriend to communicate is going to be difficult. first of all. you never technically went out, but you were obviously a special girl in his life and it must hurt him to find out that from your actions it doesn't seem like you seem him in the same light. Then you tell him that he never meant anything, it makes it seem like you don't care. And now that you want him back, its hard for him to accept you.

    • Well the thing is, they are our mutual friends... And I told him I didn't mean what I said and that I really do care about him. He told me he didn't wanna be more than friends and that broke my heart but I still wanted to be his friend so I didn't argue. When we meet he gets really nervous and don't say much, its strange because according to friends I'm the only person that he gets nervous around. when we text he talks a lot though :/

  • You loved him enough to pursue other guys even though it was obvious there was something between you two in all but name.

    Granted he made the mistake of not right out and out dating you, but you should have also realised that seeing other guys when this guy was interested in you and you apparently were interested in him was a massive betrayal.

    I can't tell you how to fix it though, chances are bridges have been burned, move on.

  • If you liked him why did you go date other people?, what did you expect to happen with you lieing to him, stop beating around the bush and be upfront with him otherwise you won't get anywhere! if after he says he's not interested then move on

  • He definitely loves you... otherwise why would he get pissed off? I think he wants to take it slow right now... So if you really like this guy then stop dating or seeing new guys...

    Eventually he will tell you that he likes you... Just wait for it...

  • So you like a guy but instead of being with him you go out with other guys and expect everything will turn out ok..

    Way to go british girl, I'm happy to see that nothing changed since I finished my degree there :)

    • He told me he only wanted to be friends...so what am I supposed to do? a girl have need to..

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    • I have to say I have a mate named Jake and he is awesome, so even if the initial guy story is touching, I support that Jake lol

      Now seriously, instead of asking us this, talk with the guy and ask what he wants and why is he reacting like that, but make sure you give the idea that you like him and that is why your asking, so he doesn't feel insecure and p**** out again ;)

    • Why some of you think it is her fault!? When she started dating the other guy because he said they were "just friends." If he liked her why didn't he do everything in his power to date her or pursue her? When she dated this other guy Jake, to me he acted like a child and threw a fit instead of going after what he wanted. Or did he just like the companionship and the hooking up aspect, but didn't want to commit? He obviously let her go for a reason. He def could have taken the lead on this.

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  • This guy wanted you on his terms and his terms don't sound that great to me. Just because he wasn't seeing anyone else doesn't mean much. I mean really, is this what you imagine the guy who would fall in love with you and really want you, to do? He was lukewarm on you but apparently loved trying to keep you from seeing anyone else.

    Trust me, a guy who really likes you would never treat you like this. He would make it clear he did not want you to see anyone else by dating you and making you his girl.

  • Well, I'm guessing that he still lkes you because it seems like the words, "are you sure its me you're missing and not Jake?" Seems to be said in spite. And I would think that it's pretty safe to say that yes he did like you before as well, more than friends.

    You can't really blame him for not believing you, so I think you should just watch what you say from now on. Try not to joke about anything that might be hurtful to him, and instead of keep rushing and reassuring him that you love him and care about him, simply just talk more. Over a little while, he'll get comfortable with you again and maybe you guys can give the relationship thing a shot.

  • One night we got in a fight and I lied and said I never liked him and that he didn't mean anything to me. He got really angry, or maybe sad? that I said that and stopped talking to me. I told him I didn't mean what I said but he said that for him "it was over" I didn't get it because we never really dated. "

    .>>>>> I HAD THAT - ALL OF IT - I'm speechless lol , but I'll try to think of a response. :-)

  • well from what I read from other pplease response they don't get what you mean

    i mean like seriously he told you you guys were "JUST FRIENDS" well of course you had every right to date other guys I mean you guys talked bout it I don't know y he got upset for that its his fault that you went on and moved on not ur fault girl so no worries don't blame it on yourself

    its his loss not urs... you liked him and you told him he liked you and he told you jus friends that's his loss

    ass long as you tell him what he said and made you move on he should understand

    he's jus upset that you went with other guys but again his loss

  • he wanted the perks of having a girlfriend without having a girlfriend. I just got out the same kind of relationship like an hour ago. He's not worth your time. I know, you love him and it hurts. It hurts alot, but one day, you'll realize that there's better out there for you. It might help if you think off all of his bad traits ie the possesivness he seems to have. It doesn't neccarily means he wants to be with you, he just doesn't want anyone else to be with you either. That is not the kind of relationship you want to have with a guy, trust me. Save yourself some tears and heartache and move one. If you need to talk at all, message me.

    • Thank you very much, you're really sweet:)

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