Is it bad that I have given up on finding a girlfriend?

Since every girl that I try to get close to ends up rejecting me and giving that "You're a nice guy, but" speech, I've decided that i'm not going to be pursuing that anymore. I understand that i'm meant to be single so I will have to accept it. It sucks, but on the bright side i won't be wasting my time on someone that doesn't like me anymore.


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  • You just haven't found the right one yet, it doesn't matter even if millions of girls reject you, since you'll find the perfect one who won't :)

    There is a somebody to everybody. Don't stress out. Enjoy your single life. People usually find someone when they quit looking.


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    Even though at your age most women don't want a nice guy to be with, you can't give up cause there are many girls out there that do want that, and that number will keep increasing as you get older.
    I've been single for too long already and I've wanted to give up so many times... but I can't, cause I don't wanna be 50 without having experienced love and being alone. I don't want that, and I bet you don't want it either.


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  • lol, that's just a phase.

    you'll get tired of it eventually and try again. stay positive man =] she's out there somewhere, just hiding.


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  • I think you're a bit young to give up just yet.
    Just keep on trying, you'll come good mate.