How do I keep her interested in me until I ask her out officially?

I've known this girl for about a month now. We work together a couple of times a week. Last weekend, we hung out for a day and went for drinks - nothing serious. But the chemistry was unmistakable. We both dig each other and I think she may be the one. But since it was only our first time hanging out, I didn't want to risk the chance of making a move too early.

A friend told me to take her out on a couple of "real" dates (nice dinner, a movie, etc.) before I drop the question and ask her to be my girlfriend. Until then, how do I make sure she knows that I'm interested in her? I don't want her to think I'm too scared to make a move.


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  • well if you're going out then that says you're interested. no?


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  • Don't ask her to go to the movies with you. Ask her '' Would you want to go on a date with me at bla bla bla'' . Chicks digs being asked out on dates.


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  • Take her on a few more dates, compliment her (obviously)- but pick out things (her hair looks pretty curled, that dress really shows off her curves etc), touch her whenever you get the chance (not too often though, otherwise it comes off as creepy- don't linger too long-) so like touching her hand 'accidently' while walking and so on. Maybe make some innuendos?

    Good luck!

  • Keep talking to her and take her on little dates like when you both went for drinks together :)

    • Would you want a guy to kiss you after a date, but before you two have made it official? I think she would get the idea if I did.

    • Oh yes definitely!

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