Wrong to date his friend??

- Me and BOY A are friends

- We had sex maybe 3 or 4 times

- We date other people

- We all sometimes hang out and I'm starting to like one of his friends we're gonna call him BOY B

**Now, my question is. Do you think it would be wrong to start exclusively date BOY B after I've had a fling with his friend?


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  • Yea most guys don't like their friends dating exes or if you just slept with him and are friends its not cool and some guys wouldn't date some1 who had sex with their friend because they know its not right


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  • Does BOY B know about your level of intimacy with BOY A? Does BOY A know that you want to date BOY B?

    Guys, not unlike women, are not usually cool with their friends dating an "ex" and this could cause a rift in their friendship - something most guys aren't willing to risk. Since you've been intimate with BOY A, it's somewhat in the same category.

  • Well, that depends. Do you still love BOY A? Or was it just a crush? If you still have feelings for BOY A then, I guess it would be wrong to start exclusively date BOY B else move on.

  • I would say no. Guys don't like when girls date friends.