Do feelings develop over time when dating someone?

Ok I have a problem, I met this guy online who turn out to be a really cool guy. We had sex a few times after hanging out. On our first date he stated he didn't want to meet anyone in my family or even come around my home town due to my crazy ex. But that not my issue; now he likes me and wants to know more about me including meeting my family. I don't have any feelings for this guy I think he's nice, and very sexy. But I'm not there with him to pursue him. I enjoy the texts during the day and the sex is fun. but I'm just not feeling him. The last time we were together we had a deep discussion about our backgrounds. Which caused me to think am I leading him on or what. I really am not looking for a relationship. The sex is alright he always asks me did I love it. But honestly I've had better the sex is alright not mind blowing. He's 24 and doesn't have a car. He lives with his mom and helps her pay the rent. My family thinks i'm crazy for not wanting him. I want to know do relationship grow on you over time? Or should I just leave him alone. I don't want to mislead him. He's really fun and super sweet.


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  • Given the amount of time you have already known him and the viewpoint you have established on him, I don't think there is a very good chance that your feelings about him will change. Anything is possible but the only way they would change is if you and your subconscious really wants to change, and from what your saying I don't think that's going to happen.


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  • I definitely think relationships do grow overtime. The more you hang around the person, talk, and get to know them there is a pretty good possibility that you will get attached to the person and your bond will become a lot stronger and the feelings will get a little more intense.

    • But in your situation, I think unless u do change your subconscious then you may get a change in feelings. But other than that, I don't think your feelings will change for him like the other guy said.

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  • It doesn't matter how good he is at txting. This makes a great opportunity for you to talk for in person