Why can't I attract any guy?

Why doesn't any guy like me? Not even one guy wants to get closer to me! I'm a good looking 20 year old girl, i know a lot of guys, and i haven't dated anyone yet, didn't even have my first kiss! There was one guy who wanted to be with me (but it turned to be all a lie), he was really sweet and when he knew that i never kissed anyone he stopped talking to me! Am i that repulsive? Why can't i attract guys? I'm not mean to anyone, i'm a good person! My friends always tell me that i'm gonna find THE ONE someday and that i'm on the right track, but i always feel lonely and like i'm missing out on the greatest things in life, like getting to know someone, having feeling for them, being able to call them yours, feeling special around them...
i just need your opinions about it! Am i doing something wrong?


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  • Relaaax. Things take time to happen, don't worry about finding the one or about missing things, it's not about found the perfect one, it's about being happy. I don't know you miss, so I can't say something very precise, but try talking with your friends about this, friends are always a good choice to hear and help us. Just don't be sad about this, it's normal. And don't worry about first kisses, a good guy will not care about it, he will have the chance to teach you :p

  • ask your girlfriends that know you really well if they can offer any advice. maybe you're putting out some vibes you're not aware of. you sound great from your description, hope you find what you're looking for.