Would you date a girl with aspergers?

I haven't been diagnosed but i really so think i have aspergers, i have all the signs but i can't be 100% sure yet... But anyways would you consider dating a girl with aspergers? What are the ups and downs in your opinion? What determines weather you would or wouldn't? I'm afraid i can't do anything with my life because i can't get myself out there. I am socialy anxious and while i am generally a happy, optimistic person... I get depressed about myself/personality a lot. So what are your thoughts on dating a girl with aspergers or aspergers in general?


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  • Is that Depression? I have dated a Depressed girl and it was hard for me to deal with all of her mood swings. We could be having a good time then the next thing I know she's sitting there with tears running down her eyes because she's suffering from paxil withdraws because she missed her dose.

    • No it is not depression, you can look up aspergers syndrome if you would like. It has to do with social miscomunication and things of that nature.

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  • What exactly is aspergers?

    • It effects the ability to socialize and communicate. You can look it up for more info. Getting socialy anxious, can't hold eye contact with people they don't know well, clumsy, etc. But it typically doesn't effect those close to them like ther family or close friends.

    • Ohhh I got ya. Yeah I definitely would. That's ay okay by me

    • i would I am aspergers.

  • Im almost exactly as you've described so I wouldn't mind. What I like most is how people with aspergers are literal, so no hidden meanings or any bs like that


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