Moving to a different city or staying?

Should i stay close to family in the same town or move to a different city alone. The town i currently live in with my family is not the town i would want to further my life in. I want to move to a bigger city, only i dont have family over there so i might feel extremely lonely... what would you do? im 23 and a woman.


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  • I'm thinking about doing the same thing at 22 and a man. I would be going to a town where I know nobody to go to community college. Just can't afford it out here anymore.


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  • Well, is an important decision for you, but here is what I'd do. I think that fear shouldn't stop you from doing anything in life, you need to be out of your comfort zone sometimes, thats when good things happen :P. I would definitely move, in life you need to try new things and if you have the opportunity to move, I would say go for it! it looks hard, but is not that bad, you are would make new friends , don't think about the reasons you should not do it, think about why you should, I am pretty sure you are gonna find good reasons :)

    Good luck!


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  • I would stay