Girls, how important is a man's fashion sense?

I don't dress like a slob by any means but I've always wondered how I fare in this area... I stand about 5'11" tall; lean-to-athletic body type; dark hair, dark eyes, pretty tanned; but fashion is something I've never been keyed into very well. Usually I wear buttoned down shirts, khaki shorts in summer/jeans in winter, and nice tennis shoes. I refuse to wear sandals or flip flops– I just don't think that's very manly. But I don't care for keeping up with the latest men's fashion trends that department store catalogues push. I just wear what I think looks good. So ladies, how much does this hurt me by comparison with the guys who do dress that way?


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  • To me, as long as you don't dress like a slob, it doesn't really matter. I feel a bit weird around metrosexual guys or guys who really care about their appearance, but thats just me personally. I guess I'm not really used to guys who really put effort into what they wear. But you go for your own sense of style. As long as it reflects your character and personality thats all that matters

    • Yeah, ya see that's what I was always taught growing up about fashion and how women view it. But I'm seeing more & more dudes dressed to the nines in whatever latest fashion trend of their style is. I'm beginning to wonder if I should do the same. Wondering if I've reached the critical "adapt or die" moment in my survival now.

  • Ideally I'd like it if he'd wear clothes.

    Of any kind. Really. Just pants are necessary, honestly. All the bits and pieces need be covered.

    That's about how important fashion is to me.

  • I like fitted button down shirts (wrinkle free; full sleeve) on guys.
    Looks great with long pants/jeans.