Will I really be alone forever?

I'm 16 and my friends always joke I'll be alone forever, only lately its started bothering me. You see, very few guys ever notice me, its not something I lose sleep over I just wish I could relate when my friends talk about their relationships and hookups. I'm looking for a relationship though, not a hookup.

At school people tell me I'm really pretty and I'm always smiling. I get high grades and I'm on sports teams and in different clubs. I also volunteer a lot. I'm pretty artistic and people compliment me on my painting which are on display around the school. I'm friendly and I always try to be nice to everyone. I'm not really the party type or friends with that whole group of people. I don't have anything against them, its just not what I find fun.

I have social media and a phone but I'm not really into texting or posting, I prefer hanging out face to face and people think its weird? I just like to keep my life private from the world. I'm an introvert but not over-quiet, just not a loud person in public and I like to be independent, I don't like clinginess. When I hang out with people I'm usually pretty loud and I like to have a good time just around people I meet I don't like to come off as a ditz or a loudmouth.

My friends tell me that I'll be alone forever and I'm too picky. Apparently I'm too independent and and I should seetle for hook ups with people? I'm just really confused, I never thought I was that bizarre until recently? Will I really be alone forever?


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  • First of all, don't listen to your friends. While they might just be joking, you sound like a lovely girl and you should take their jokes with a grain of salt. Also, if you crave a connection within a relationship do not simply settle for hook ups. I would tell you to flirt a bit with a boy that you might like. Additionally, you sound like a really sweet girl, so I would recommend you go for one of the nicer guys who will treat you right, versus a more attractive douchebag. I would personally get a bit more into social media, just so you can connect with boys a bit more. Take the initiative, and talk to some boys. We're nicer than you think! To sum it all up, you won't be alone forever, you sound like a wonderful girl, and I'm sure love will come your way soon.

    Good Luck!


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  • Just be who you want to be and do what you want to do. A lady like you will never be alone for long. There are many guys out there who will be so thrilled to have a girlfriend like you.

    You sound very much like me. I have only been with my first guy for a few weeks now. I spent all my time at school working hard. I've done 3 years at uni, and now I've come back to start a masters degree. I don't use any social media except KIK and GAG. Both these I've only had for a couple of months. I am also a very private person, with only 4 people on my KIK list.

    I can relate to the person you are, and fully understand where you are coming from. Just be the person you are. Love yourself for who you are. Just be ready, like I was, to grab Mr Right as he smiles at you! You really won't be alone for long!


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  • Well whatever it is that you do - do NOT just settle.


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  • Chances are yes, sorry to bring you the hard cold truth. You sound kinda like me when I was little. I was quiet, artistic, independent, and active. However, no guy takes notice of me and sadly I the guys I end up liking don't care about me or already in a relationship. And when I did found a guy, things didn't work out cause my parents basically destroyed the relationship. Now, the dude doesn't even notice him. Everyone says I will find someone but now I have come to the realization I won't. If your not getting anything now, chances are you are not gonna get anything later. And if you do, it will suck cause you will have high expectations and none of those expectations will occur. So may I suggest enjoy life as a independent and make sure no dude comes between that. Its better to live alone and not know what love is. Because if you don't, you will get heartbroken and not find love again. I wished I never knew what love was. Because right now, its harder to get to the mindset of being alone and independent forever. Sorry, I am not gonna come here and give you some cliche crap about your young and you will find someone. Some people are chosen to be together with their special someone. People like you and me, we are pretty much destine to be alone and there is nothing you can do.

  • Of course you won't. Don't judge your entire life based on what doesn't happen in high school