How should I ask her out?

I want to ask this girl out that I'm pretty sure is into me. I'm not sure how to do it, though. I only see her when we're out on the weekends because she lives off campus and we don't have the same schedule for any classes.

Ill have to text her. Should I ask her on a real date? Or should I ask her to 'hang out' and go from there?


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  • ask her on a real date.


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  • Ask her for Netflix and chill! Haha, just kidding. If you only ask her to "hang out" she might think it's just as friends but if you ask her to go out with you to a cafe, the movies etc one on one, she'll get the cue it's a date. But just in case she doesn't get the obvious hint, state that it's a date, not a friendly hang out.

  • definitely ask her, she's probabl waiting for you to do it, it you're nervous hanging out is fine but a date makes sure your intentions are romantic and not friends


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