How to tell a guy you would like to take a step back?

So I've been dating this guy for a month and a half now. But we rushed into a relationship about 3 weeks ago.

I actually had wanted to know where I am at and then somehow the exclusivity talk happened.
He doesn't behave like my boyfriend and things feel pretty casual to me. (I have talked to him about it but nothing much has changed.)

moreover, I don't even know him that well yet. He's also pretty distant and rarely flirts, never calls, barely texts.
No one makes me feel as insecure as he does.

He is on vacation right now and will return in about 2-3 weeks. Shall I wait until then and talk to him or bring it up now via text/voice message?


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  • I think this should be a conversation that you should have in person. Maybe he's not texting, calling or flirting as much because he is on a holiday.