How do I get an Asian (korean) girlfriend?

Im going to be 17 soon so thats why im asking help, i am from the middle east (iraq) and i live in Canada. I know English and arabic very well and i have facial hair. I want a korean woman in my life but i have no idea how do i do it... do i go to korea or something in the future? Do i have to learn korean? Will it be hard to learn it? She will obviously speak korean but will she know how to speak english? Do they learn English in the Asian countries? I need some help and answers to these questions. The reason i want an Asian woman in my life is because they are very nice and i like the behaviors of them. Thank you!


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  • Go to Korea town :) and Korean women are gorgeous :)


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  • Go to Korea and look around and try talking to some. Though it would be good if you could learn their language as well.

    • Will it be hard to? Can they speak a bit english?

    • Would be like if you went to any other country. Some people would speak English and some wouldn't

  • Move to Korea? And stop posting the same question more then once


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