Why is it ok for blacks to whine about petty racism and not Autistic people to whine about their dating struggles?

"Black lives matter" is the new black panthers. They are filled with a sense of entitlement and feel that everyone should bow done to them.


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  • My brother is autistic and I understand your struggle. People are going to respond to your question with hostility and confusion because they don't understand you or other people with your disorder. I'd say racism is horrible and so is a mental disorder just don't compare your love life to racism ok?


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  • The same reason that it's ok for people to keep posting race baiting and offensive questions on GAG day in and day out... God bless America!!!


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  • Having autism is very hard. Being disabled at all is extremely difficult. You are not wrong to want better treatment, or to complain about discrimination.

    But please do not compare discrimination against the disabled to racism. They are not the same. Neither of them are petty.

    Many people of color are also autistic and disabled, so imagine being mistreated for a disability and their race.


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  • Autism and racism is two entirely separate things that has nothing in common.

    That aside.. nobody should feel entitled to anything
    if it's not earned, it's not for you.

  • "black lives matters" is a planned slogan by the elites/agents to continue the oppression on black people in America and all over to keep everyone divided.

    Caucasians just like blacks have been shot by police but its just not put in the media as frequent.

    Anyways... i guess its because the more there are then the more you are heard. I never noticed autistic struggling to get dates. Now i'll look into it.

  • Or maybe they want to end brutality by the police that is largely skewed towards blacks. And nobody has said that people cannot vent about relationship issues.

    Often people who actually whine about dating issues are the ones who are entitled. Especially when it's in a way that implies they deserve a relationship because they're a "nice guy".

  • Two different things no one is entitled to anything without a valid claim

  • Did you seriously post this? There is no such thing as petty racism. Do you even know what it feels like to have people discriminate against you because of your race? And you're comparing that to struggles in the dating world? I don't even know how to start responding to that level of ignorance.