Why she ignores me?

This girl and me were volunteers in a fest. We had a normal small conversation that day. The next day she was seeing me n when i saw her she looked down as if she wasn't seeing. She sees me then ignores me. We don't even say hi. After at least a month i found her sitting alone in library so i went to her n she remembered my name which even my most of the friends don't remember its pretty different. But again from the next day she was ignoring me.


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  • I can assure you that she is not ignoring you because she wants to avoid you. Girls do that when they have feelings for a guy and they don't want them to find out (its all in the eyes). Try to talk to her a bit, maybe if you guys are both on Facebook you could friend request her and maybe start a casual chat. Just don't creep her out.

    Don't worry. All is fine. :)

    Hope this helped

  • she's playing hard to get.


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