How do you tell your parents your relationship is serious?

I never had a girlfriend until sophmore year of college. I never told them about my first girlfriend straight up, they asked if I had met any one and mentioned her. They asked me questions about her when I was home but that was about it. It was nothing serious at all.

I recently met a girl (second girlfriend) Things have been moving really fast with us. We driving the same car so to speak so everything is healthy and perfect. We have said "I love you" and say it multiple times a day. It isn't having sex with us its "making love". We have talked about marraige and living together at the end of the year. Pretty much talked about how we see our future together.

This girl is VERY special. I sent a group text to my mom and dad telling them I have a girlfriend (something I've never done). They asked a few questions but after about 30 minutes that was it. We are obviously in a serious relationship.

How do I go about telling my parents about this?

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I guess a better question to this would be: How do I tell my parents she's the "one"?


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  • Talk to them about your girlfriend.


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  • Just tell them that you found a really awesome girl. I still recommend that you wait before trying to get engaged.


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  • "Mom, dad I'm really serious about this one"

  • Mom, Dad, I'm serious about this girl.