I am a house potato?

Lots of people have questions about dating on here, but in my case I don't have much problem getting a date with people, its just that I never get out to actually meet people haha. How do I make myself want to get out more and what do I go do?


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  • Be social and meet new people.


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  • You need to find a group of people...
    Places I can think to go would be
    1.) Gym -- If you are a regular you can meet people and such.
    2.) Bars/Restaurant -- Just strike up a conversation with someone and see where it goes. Go with friends if you have any and if you feel like it'll be too awkward alone.
    3.) If you are a university stufent you can do things like sports (club sports for fun, not necessarily school sponsored). See what kind of clubs are available.
    4.) Online dating-- No shame in online dating. It is made just for people who don't have the chance to find someone in person. It can be something simple like Tinder or you can go into things like OK cupid.


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