Girls, would you like it if you were with a guy who can cook good, would you like it if he cooked for you or you cooked together?


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  • That's one of my favorite parts about being in a relationship. :) I love a kitchen full of laughter, aroma, and energy! It does something special to a home. <3 So yes, I adore cozy nights or mornings with good vibes in the kitchen together. Especially if it's a chilly evening with fall scented candles and some soft 'Purple Ferdinand' or 'The Holiday Soundtrack' or good ole French jazz in the background. It's nice to dance with him while we wait for dinner to finish. I love the way a man's back and shoulders look from behind when he's cutting up vegetables... sneaking up from behind him and snuggling my face between his shoulder blades. Basically, yes.

    Great Cooking Music. :)
    'Drawn to Your Light' by Purple Ferdinand</a>

  • I would like it!!! It's nice to not have to worry about all the cooking...