Am I being childlish or immature for avoiding a girl I like and who rejected me but still wants me in her life?

I met this awesome girl at work like 5 Months ago since then we been hanging out, going to movies, concerts, dinner but not as dates when i confess to her she rejected me I was cool with it and she still wanted me in her life, but I found out that she's into friends with benefit or no strings attached relationship with 2 other of my co-workers who have gfs, and kids! I thought it was pretty slutty from her part since she's not only being a whore but she could ruin other peoples relationships, I felt really hurt since I wasn't expecting her to be like that, so I decided to ignore her and avoid her at work, is this childish or immature? She knew I was mad and hurt and she tried to be friends but I like her a lot but I can't get over her and hurts me knowing that :/


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  • Talk to her


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  • If she contradicts your set of beliefs, then you really have no obligation to be friends with her. After all you get to decide your friends. So no, it isn't childish.


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  • Childish, I was rejected and at least we're still friends... Isn't the most important thing that the peraon you like is still by your side? Maybe someday he or she might return your feelings that is. But I wouldn't wait forever. They say that rejection is a sign that its the wrong person that you fell for, there are thousands of women in the world who are willing to cherish and love you.

    • Thanks for the answer,

      I don't know if you read the details of the question, I have feelings for this girl but I just can't pretend to be happy for her while she's out there sucking other guys penis's... does that still makes me childish or immature?

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