My boyfriend is a grumpy fat guy, and I'm confused if he loves me or not?

we've been dating for like 1 year, he's very obviously overweight but with a cute face and personality. His only interest is playing computer games. He literally could sit there play computer games from morning to evening. He got grumpy about trivia issues easily and always got upset with me. For example, if I couldn't decide what to cook for dinner, he got angry with me. I have a very good temper so every time I'll put up with him because I love him. But since we lived together we have arguments regularly, like he cares about his social circles more than me, his friend's words are more important than mine. When he got sick, I took care of him all night; when I got sick, he thinks I'm too noisy coz I keep coughing in public and he got embarrassed... Especially when I talk about my dream of having a family, he always avoid talking. But he does say he loves me and cares about me deeply. I'm so confused now... Because tonight he said: he's tired of me...


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  • Ok you srsly need to take the leash and show him that he is a dicktard, call him an egoist and tell him these reasons. You don't wanna be his 'doormat', I guess.

    You even say he is a grumpy fat bla bla so it seems you have pity for him (I sometimes got that disease aswell), you won't be happy if you don't find what makes you happy too?

    • Yea the reason I specially addressed he's weight is because I tried to convince him to work out, lose weight and be fit for the sake of his own benefits and health, but he got so furious and asked me to get fuck out of the house...

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  • My honest opinion? If my boyfriend was like that, you wouldn't see me for dust. I'd be off to find a new guy well before it got like this. I set my ground rules early in the relationship, bit by bit. Any departure from those is by negotiation between the two of us.

    Luckily, I have picked on a terrific guy right from the start. Our relationship just flows. This is how it should be for you. I think computer games being more important that you shows him to be immature and that he's just using you as a convenience. Do you really love him for using you? I think you are finding him a convenience, too! Get up, get out and find a guy who will show you some real love. A guy who will be your soul-mate, not just an accessory to a computer game.

    You deserve better than this!


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  • If you're not happy with him then you should move on. Maybe try talking to him about what you're feeling first and see if he'll do something about it, but if he doesn't then you'll be much happier in the long term if you move on and find someone else.

  • Wow. That man is an inconsiderate dick who does not love you.
    You deserve someone a whole lot better. Dump him.

    • I'm so sad, I contributed a lot in this relationship. Sometimes he does good things for me like bringing me gifts from home and sending me valentine card. He always says he loves me. It makes me so hard to leave him :(

    • I think it's for the best, but the decision is up to you and what you think is right

  • Break up with him. Seriously. You're too good for him.