Will I die alone?

Me and my ex broke up a few months ago he has been trying to get me to date him again but I keep saying no but now he's telling me no one will love me that guys don't find me attractive and I will die alone. He was never like this with me before I have always hated my looks I am 5.3ft 105lb hazel eyes long dark brown hair so I am about average looking. Guys ask me out but I am now worried that they will find me ugly all my conference is gone what should I do?


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  • He is just trying to make you feel bad. DON'T listen to him. He is just being a jerk cause you won't get back to him.

    Maybe HE is the one afraid to die alone, since he is so desperate to be with someone.

    If you want a confidence boost post a picture in "How do I look". Men will always say you're pretty in that section. And it's usually true

    • I have no convenience to put a pick up lol thank u for ur help

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  • We all die alone. You can't take someone with you when you pass.

    • So true (I even upvoted),
      but I think she means growing old alone, without ever being with someone

    • @mikemx55 haha intent to grow old with some one I love but I like this answer!

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  • he's scared the cunt that youl find a better looking man than him thats all.
    go to the gym on the weight lifting section about 60% of the men there are uneducated pigs but the 30% left are usually more than nice. and as for dying alone there is a very high chance for all of us more if your white.

    • I am white lol why is meeting people and trying fmto feel good about ur self so hard?

    • Overthinking it. If your trying to feel good about yourself it should be on the proper common norms not the norms of others.

  • If you have Netflix you should watch the stand up of Jen Kirkman. She explains it's okay to be alone in a very funny and enlightened way. Hope it helps

    • Thank u I will give it ago

    • Had to watch it again after mentioning it lol good stuff

    • Hahaha I am like that with Lord of the rings 😂

  • Hopefully you will. Why would you want to die with someone?

    • Because I want a family I want to be happy with someone

    • You can be happy alone. If you think that you can only get happiness from other people then you rely on people too much.

    • I guess that's true

  • Like you made him mad and that was his reaction

    • Yeah I guess

    • And now he didn't mean it this way, I mean like a lie out of his anger

    • Maybe it's weird when u break up with some one u see their true self

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  • You will not die alone. You should stop listening to your ex, he doesn't care about you if he's saying all of these things to you, trust me. Do not get back with him, try removing him from your life if you can. You will find someone a million times better than this guy.

    • I hope so thank u for helping

  • U will if u keep that mentality. U gotta know ur better than how ur ex made u feel. U have a lot of things going for u, u just gotta find them and appreciate them and let other people know that u know how good u r :)

    • I like this answer thank u!! ;)

  • Come on. Your ex is being an insufferable asshole. He is trying to wound your self-esteem in order to feel better about you rejecting him. I think you should block/ignore that dude. You're not gaining anything by allowing him to stab your ego.

  • No wonder you dumped him. By his begging, you sound hotter than he is. So no, you dont have to die alone unless you want to.

    • I don't think I am hot but thank u 😂