When a girl says "U never disturb me", does it have to mean anything special?

I talk to this girl who regularly talks to her ex cause they are best friend :/ So I asked what she was doing and she said she was chatting with her ex, so I replied "Okii then.. Won't disturb :p Talk to you later", to which she replied "U never disturb me :p stop the drama -_-".

Does it mean anything? Or does it sound just friendly? I've had a crush on her so I'm not able to see the clear picture, you know :p


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  • I wouldn't bother trying with her, seeing as she's best friends with her ex.

    • I know. I don't intend to ask her out but I'm also unable to let this go. :(

    • move on. if you let your crush continue further you're going to get seriously hurt

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  • It sounds friendly... BUT kinda sounds like she didn't want u to go either which would b flirty for sure...

  • It sounds like she's showing you the path right down to the friendzone to me. Kind of comes off as the "your such a good friend" thing.

  • dont over think it if she likes you she will let you know but obvi is she trying to make time for you. so not all hope is lost


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