Why do people tell me I'm not ugly?

I mean, I've never had a girlfriend, ever, I've always been rejected, every single time, I'm always rejected without fail. I bet if I even asked out a freshman (not that I would) I'd get rejected, and I'm a senior. The most I've ever gotten was some pretty girl hit on me, but she could have just been messing with me or was overly obsessed with black guys, and my parents and friends usually point out girls that are "checking me out" but I never see them, so they're probably messing with me. Why won't anyone admit I'm just an ugly piece of shit, my friends won't, my family won't, random people won't, even girls that have fucking rejected me won't, what the fuck?


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  • Maybe it's ur personality. KOrr maybe they don't want to make u mad or hurt ur feelings.


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  • Because people are overly sensitive and would never tell you the real reason straight to your face. Apparently it's better to sugarcoat everything than speak the truth (if it is the truth. Who knows, maybe you actually aren't ugly for all we know).

    You know, you should post a picture here and let everyone here decide whether you're ugly or not. There's no use in discussing it any other way.


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  • You are 17. Give it time. Lift weights, get in shape. It will help you get some confidence.

  • U won't allow me to tell u that u r an ugly piece of shit so don't allow urself to say that