I kinda feel like I'm being robbed?

They say a guy needs to date a couple of girls to figure out what he wants in his wife well what do you do if you never get that opportunity like me


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  • A lot of people haven't dated many, if not any, people. Relax. You can actively seek a relationship, but if you try to hard you come off as desperate and scare people away.

    • Well I kinda am desperate I'm midway through my twentys and haven't had one relationship I haven't had a chance to feel rejection and bounce back from it I haven't got a chance to gauge what kind of girl I want

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    • No just post it in the opinion box

    • Post a link with the picture in the opinion box


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  • Grind and focus on things that matter that will help you make money. If you can't get girls now. Go to gym build muscles, get paper and get rich. When your in your 30's, you can make the choice of either going for the girls in your age bracket who will now be chasing you down for commitment (but didn't want u when they were young and had options) or go for hot 20 year old who you can have flings with and eventually marry one of them.


    • I just don't feel like I have had normal dating life for someone my age

  • How do you know that it will never happen? Keep trying and be persistent. You will get yours, trust me. It probably won't be tomorrow or next week, but it will happen.

    • No it won't man I'm 24 and never even had one relationship

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    • You'll never know unless you try :)

    • No girl wants that ita not even worth trying